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Breakfast Bunch

P1100329Now entering its fourth year, the Breakfast Bunch is an informal monthly fellowship that grew out of  the 2013 Church Retreat. It is scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of each month, but is flexible when alternate events arise. The Bunch always meets at a local restaurant but also mixes up the venue to keep things moving. It isn’t limited to retirees, they just keep it full of spirit!

In addition to enjoying each others company, attendees round up their tabs when paying. Excess funds are collected and donated to a family in need as designated by a local school social worker. The modest donation is a direct payment so that a family can receive it without any vetting and buy some groceries or whatever else might be needed.

Overall it’s just a fun avenue of fellowship among those of us who like to eat! We welcome everyone and urge our regulars to reach out and bring a friend along. Subjects of discussion are unlimited and unrestricted and the Bunch really have a great time.  So come on out & join us!

Keep an eye on the website or call (571) 243-5344 or email acob[@]arlingtoncob[dot]org for the date and location of the next meal.

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