300 North Montague Street, Arlington, Virginia 22203 Sunday Worship at 11 am; Sunday Classes 9:45 am for all ages.

Rice or Oatmeal Bagging

Each summer, we pick a Sunday to gather after worship to bag rice or oatmeal for the Arlington Food Assistance Center. Our Service Ministry Team budgets the bulk purchase of one of these non-perishables and counts on our community to work together to divvy the food into family portions for distribution at AFAC who lends us the funnels, sealing machines and other tools for production. Plan to stay after and pitch in! Contact Diane with any questions.

Event Date Title Location Map
Jul 23, 2017 - 11:00 am Rice or Oatmeal Bagging ACoB, 300 N Montague St, Arlington, Virginia 22203 View