300 North Montague Street, Arlington, Virginia 22203 Sunday Worship at 11 am; Sunday Classes 9:45 am for all ages.

Sunday School with David Radcliff

David Radcliff is an energizing speaker with an inspiring message. David founded New Community Project (NCP), a small nonprofit with a big goal: to change the world by changing the way we relate to the planet and its people. NCP offers resources that challenge us, experiences that change us and a community that gives us hope.


“Give a Girl a Chance” | 9:45 am Intergenerational Presentation

All ages are invited to join in the fellowship hall to hear David sharing stories and photos from NCP’s work around the world to empower women and educate girls. David will highlight projects like microloan programs and reforestation efforts in places like South Sudan, Rwanda, the Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Nepal and the Navajo Reservation. He’ll show how educational, logistical and capacity support has led to big changes in women’s lives.


Event Date Title Location Map
Nov 11, 2018 - 9:45 am Sunday School with David Radcliff ACoB, 300 N Montague St, Arlington, Virginia 22203 View