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Am I Not Free?

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Last week, we re-learned along with the Corinthians that we are not to live by the same standards as the rest of the world but by the rules of the new kindgom inaugurated by Christ. In some ways it feels like those rules increase the divide!  So, this week we continue in our sermon sermon series on Healing the Divide: Reclaiming Hope.

In my freedom, I won’t set your rights aside, because I am not free to do that. But I could try to heal the divide by setting my own freedom aside, as long as what I do is for God’s glory and my neighbor’s good.

Consider, in what ways are you free and not free? Simply, (and it isn’t simple) our freedom is not ours alone, but is based on other people. It takes real discernment to know when you are giving up your freedom or taking someone else’s away. Looking to this week’s scripture, Paul isn’t worried about offending someone’s sensibilities. Paul warns us from causing someone to fall away from the faith, which is tricky when looking at what divides us today. Paul’s bottom line is at the very heart of Brethren ideals, that all our actions should glorify God and our neighbor’s good. So our decisions have to reach across the divide without sacrificing someone else’s faith, being careful to uphold justice in a way that honors those with whom we disagree. It takes great care to focus on love.

The song is “Immortal, Invisible.” The sermon, service and this week’s tweets reference Allie Rosner Bass, Richard Hays, Bayler, Sampley and Boring and Craddock.

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