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Countercultural Response to a World Filled with Hate

Jamie Risser preaching Children's Church

Jesus is again tested in today’s Scriptures and again responds in an astute and challenging way. God’s love compels us to love our neighbor, to extend God’s love to others: simple to say but not simple to do. We are to extend God’s love, especially to those that seem unlovable. Selfless, compassionate love responds in countercultural ways to those around us. Radical love in difficult circumstances demonstrates God’s love to the fullest extent. Consider if you are doing all you can to live out the Greatest Commandment in your own life. We can always do more, especially if we give up some of our own comfort and love beyond ourselves. Let love change you and change us all.

  • Call to Worship, 19s
  • Opening Prayer, 46s
  • Children’s Church, 2m
  • Call to Giving, 5m51s
  • Congregational Prayer, 7m44s
  • Message, 12m6s

Thanks to Amy for serving as worship leader and writing such inspiring Children’s Church and Call to Giving messages. Thanks to Everett for coordinating the service, playing music as we gathered and writing such lovely prayers. Jamie Risser filled in for Pastor Nancy today with the powerful message on Love. The songs are “Just as I Am,” “I Sing the Mighty Power of God” and “I Need Thee Every Hour.”

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Jul 24, 2016 Countercultural Response to a World Filled with Hate Listen Download