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Don’t Look Back in Anger


Recall the people who first taught you faith and let their strength be passed on to you. As we face fears that seem like enormous obstacles, consider the lives of those humble servants who lived each day, not remarkably but faithfully. Can we faithfully accept that it’s not about more, that we only need a little and likely we have enough already? When we live as servants—like Jesus did—having faith that we already have enough for each day, we keep on.

Sermon title from Oasis, 1996 song title, for sermon titles from 1990’s songs series. The songs is ‘Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.’ The sermon, service and this week’s tweets reference Dorothy McRae-McMahon, Katherine Hawkerself, Seasons of the Spirit, Psalm 136, Chris Suehr, and Katherine Lewis. 

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Oct 2, 2016 Don’t Look Back in Anger Listen Download