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How Do You Talk to an Angel

ACoB's drama group is so creative at bringing Scripture to life.

ACoB's creative drama group brings Scripture to life.

We have a very human tendency to equate success with blessing. When we do that, we end up comparing the other side to curses from God. We all too easily equate ‘my good’ and ‘their bad’ with God’s choice. Let us not define answers to prayer with our limited vision, let us be open to finding answers in unexpected places, and let us continue to pray. Our faithful and persistent prayers keep us close to God. So, we pray for the Chibok girls, victims of sexual assault, for black lives to matter in our society, an end to the death penalty, decent homes for everyone, food for hungry children, and an end to the bombing. We can be persistent, because God is persistent and God answers our prayer.

Sermon title from The Heights, 1992 song title, for sermon titles from 1990’s songs series. The song is “Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown.” The sermon, service and this week’s tweets reference Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm, Amy S. Gall Ritchie, Debi Thomas, John Buchanan, and Miguel A. del la Tore.

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