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Living Water


In John 4, Jesus and a woman from another culture find relationship at a well. Then that woman spreads the word. Where might our vulnerability, expressed to someone who doesn’t expect to hear from us, lead to conversation and relationship, and will it be in such a relationship that we find the living water to quench our thirst? God thirsts for people, seeking all God’s lost children. Then to whom should we propose relationship with us and through us with Christ so that they might find the living water to quench their thirst? We are all thirsty for a fulfilling life. Here in this place planted for us, we find the God that pursues us until we are found. May we be open to relationships and always eager to tell others about the life-giving relationship Jesus offers.

The song is “I Love to Tell the Story.” The sermon, service and this week’s tweets reference John 4, Feasting on the Word, George Stroup, rebuildbiblicalworldview.wordpress, Frances Taylor Gench, Karoline Lewis, Rolf Jacobson, Matt Skinner and Seasons of the Spirit.

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