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Pushed to the Edge

We are so grateful to Joseph Helfrich for kindly allowing us to play his beautiful song, “Teresa’s Prayer” with our sermon podcast each week.  Listen as it wraps our shared reading of Luke 4:21-30 and a message about radical, risky and uncomfortable inclusivity.

Jesus lets them know that grace and mercy is for all. The privileges will not simply be for a select group of people. And with that, Jesus is pushed to the very edge of the cliff by the crowd. He reminded them that God’s sense of community was bigger than theirs. He offended them when he told them he was not theirs to contain. He does this by citing God’s long history of prioritizing the outsider, the foreigner, the stranger… In other words, God has always been in the business of working on the margins. How will we be part of that witness? Challenged to be pushed to the edge.

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Feb 3, 2019 Pushed to the Edge Listen Download