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She Hath Done What She Could


Throughout August worship with our community partners, we will take turns sharing saints from each of our denominations. Today we learned about Brethren Sarah Righter, a woman called to preach in 1820s. She Hath Done What She Could Do is the name of the book that tells her story along with other women who followed the vision and voice of Jesus into new frontiers.

As our ways of being church change, the one thing we must hold onto is the vision that enables us to see where God moves in the world. The greatest danger for congregations of old and new may be to quench the flame of the Spirit with our preoccupation with anything less than what Jesus has called us to do. Jesus bridged the gap between God and God’s humanity, and he gave new rituals of remembrance that put us on our knees, washing feet and serving others, and rituals of fellowship, reminding us that all are welcome at his table. We must discern Jesus’ call for this day and this age. As the Body of Christ, may we let sight of Jesus shape us into people alert to where God’s Spirit is already working in the world.

  • Call to Worship, 19s
  • Luke 12:22-26, 2m8s
  • Hebrews 6:1, 10:22-25, 3m41s
  • Message: She Hath Done What She Could, 5m22s

Thanks to Everett for serving as worship leader. The songs are “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” and “The Church’s One Foundation.” The sermon and service reference Mennonite Worship, Lombard II; Frances Taylor Gench, Eugene Boring, and Pamela Brubaker.

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