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Take It In, Give It Out

Children's Church

“We claim a Light that comes to us across the space of two thousand years and from the beginning of creation; a light that warms us, heals us, comforts us, nourishes us, guides us and grows us.” We must carry the light in our hearts. Start within our own lives and develop good habits of spiritual attention in prayer and through scripture. When we listen we can hear God calling us to new visions and tasks. When we listen we can bring a deeper wisdom and understanding back to the body. We must focus the light together in church. Communal devotions, discussions and shared leadership will help us find clarity and ensure our decision-making represents the congregation as a whole. We must spread the light in our community. We have already accepted the call to be a witness to our denomination. If that makes us a thorn to some brothers and sisters, then it is all the more important to work with those whom we disagree on God’s priorities. We must be the light in the world. We already partner with the community through gardening, distributing food, collecting personal care products and educational supplies, donating money and so much more. How can we do even more? What stirring of the Spirit of God have you felt as the flames of God’s light within are flamed? For this, we rededicate ourselves to carry the light.

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  • Call to Worship + Opening Prayer, 17s
  • Children’s Church, 1m38s
  • Isaiah 58:1-9b, 5m7s
  • Message: Take It In, Give It Out, 8m10s
  • Blessing + Sending, 24m17s

The audio includes a beautiful duet by Eleanor on the violin and Andy on the organ of Arioso by Bach. Thanks to Silena for serving as our Annual Conference delegate and worship leader. The sermon and worship reference Andy Murray (quote in summary), Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm, and CoB Annual Conference worship materials.

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Jul 10, 2016 Take It In, Give It Out Listen Download