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Take Me To Your Leader


We gather because we seek to be renewed in our energy and efforts to live the way God requires in this ‘in-between’ time of waiting for God’s ultimate reconciliation of creation. We look to God, whose purpose never ends with our individual lives, but keeps us involved with each other and with our neighbors. Seeking God’s purpose, we are careful about our actions, aiming for each one to be out of gratitude, obedience and love. This is our path towards wholeness. May we walk in faith—fully formed yet always growing—and may we walk in love—love for one another and for God who first loved us.

Sermon title from Incubus, 1996 song title, for sermon titles from 1990’s songs series. The song is “Savior of My Soul.” The sermon, service and this week’s tweets reference Bayler, Shawchuck, Job, Mogabgab, Corrine Carvalho, James Luther Mays, Cameron Murchison, Matthew Fitzgerald, David Ruhe and Marjorie Thompson.

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Oct 30, 2016 Take Me To Your Leader Listen Download