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Wanted: Dead or Alive

lazarus 2

Jesus raising Lazarus in John 11 is a story that shows a very human Jesus, even as he performs a very divine miracle. Recognizing the power of God seen in Jesus, we want it in our own human lives. We want the connection to God that comes in Christ, the power for daily living and true life eternal that Jesus promises, but do we truly believe that Jesus has power over death? God’s consistent message to us is to fear not. We too can resurrect hope amidst the suffering and decay by answering the call of God in Christ to unbind from our fear and nurture and strengthen others. When faced with death, we are invited not to give into despair but to trust that with God, all things are possible.

Supplement the audio by reading all of John 11 and watching this video shared during the message by not captured in the recording.

The song is “Breathe on Me, Breath of God.” The sermon, service and this week’s tweets reference John 11, Bev Bailey, Osvaldo Vena, Christine Chakoian, Seasons of the Spirit, and Veronica Miles.

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