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Welcome to Paradise


When the way seems barren, remember that God excels at making a way out of no way. Farmers have long known our life and destiny are tied to the health of the soil, but much of that wisdom has been lost.  Soil is the source of life in Genesis and is full of life, billions of microorganisms in each gram. Do you experience joy with your hands in the dirt or feet in the sand? We are powerfully connected to the Earth. At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, a child of God and our renewal of hope born on Earth.

Sermon title from Green Day, 1992 song title, for sermon titles from 1990’s songs series. The songs is “Oh How Shall I Receive Thee.” The sermon, service and this week’s tweets reference Diana Buttler Bass, Wild Goose Worship Group of the Iona Community, Susan Ackerman, Noel Leo Erskine, Fred Bahnson, Norman Wirszba, and David Radcliffe.

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