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What to Wear? What to Wear?

Keeping cool, worshiping downstairs Our Bible verse read round the room turned into a real round! Check out the audio! Singing hymns, worshiping downstairs

Have you ever ended up in a situation with the wrong shoes? Did you ever feel like a fraud in certain outfits? Having chosen the Jesus way, we’re on a path that requires certain things, and according to Paul, a rejection of other things. Paul says put on the right clothes and conversely if you’re in the wrong clothes, you may be living a life that’s ill-fitted for who you are and who you can be. Paul in his letter to the Colossians is urging them to look to Christ for guidance and not the old patterns, the old fashions, and the old crowd that pulled them into a world of ill-fitting vices. Paul says leave it behind by reminding us that people are seeing us send signals out all day. Paul calls us to strip off the old self and cloth ourselves with the image of our Creator. Let us seek the things that are above so Christ can be revealed through us.

Thanks to James for serving as worship leader, Debbie for preaching, and Melody for bringing refreshments!  The verse in round is Psalm 107:1.

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