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What We Think We Know


Do you enter relationship as equal or with prejudgment? Do you reconcile differences that come up? We always have a choice of how to act in relationships, especially when we have power. Christians ask how Jesus would have us act. We can transform the way we think and act thanks to Jesus’ transforming power to engage what is broken among us, and we can seek justice by following Jesus’ way of modeling love.

This sample of worship includes the Children’s message (at 13s), a reading of the Letter to Philemon (at 2m28s), the sermon (at 5m56s), and singing What a Friend We Have in Jesus (at 24m26s).

Thanks to Donna for serving as worship leader. Her’s is the beautiful voice near the mic for the song. The other song is “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.” The sermon includes references to Temple Gray, Kim Stanley Robinson and Cain Hope Felder. This week’s Tweets are inspired by the same, as well as Psalm 139 and Season of the Spirit.

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