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Wisdom Among Us

Our Jewish friends don’t speak or write the name of God, which is a good way to remember that any name we use for God is merely a description that falls woefully short of the fullness of the Divine. Name the ways you’ve found God. As Christians, the closest way is through Jesus and as Brethren, we emphasize finding God in community. We are living in God’s wisdom when we follow Jesus in Christian community. We have only to take this light, God’s wisdom, out into the world.

“We can become to tied to certain metaphors—God as shepherd, God as Faith, God as king—that we fail to recognize their imitation. We can begin to confuse our metaphors for God’s reality, transforming our words into idols.” -Kendra Hotz



Thanks to Jo Ann for serving as worship leader and Andy for leading us in music. The song is “Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies.” The sermon contains references to Stephens Lytch, Kendra Hotz and Barbara Brown Taylor.

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