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Our deacons have a gift for caregiving and have answered the call to provide service to our congregation. Following is an overview of how our deacons are organized to offer support.

The On-Call Deacon is a monthly rotation among deacons who have volunteered to receive your calls. If there is an immediate need, crisis, or illness, you may choose to call the deacon instead of or in addition to the pastor. The On-Call Team will notify the pastor and depending on the need, will convene the “Deacon Care Team” to brainstorm possible solutions and ways to assist you with your need.

Dec., 2019 – Carol Cory
Jan., 2020 – Robyn
Feb., 2020 – Everett
March, 2020 – Stephen
April, 2020 – Amy
May, 2020 – Nancy W.

Please note that this schedule may change according to our deacons’ availability. If it does, we will be sure to update this list and notify the congregation.

The Deacon Care Team meets when convened (in person or by phone) to brainstorm and if applicable, organize a response to an ‘immediate need’ or issue. They need not provide the answer/solution themselves, but are willing to make calls and solicit help from others to put together the assistance needed. If you have skills that you are willing to share with others, please let a member of this team know: Alma, Silena, Robyn, Everett, Debbie, & Amy 

We also have organized a Visiting Team to work with the pastor to visit hospitalized or people with limited circumstances. This team also reaches out to people with cards and calls when folks are in difficult circumstances.

The Welcome Team members make a concentrated effort (together or by rotation) to get to visitors at worship in order to welcome, share an informational folder, and if possible get an email address or other contact information. Staff is working on a new-style electronic welcome email.

The Ordinance Team works with the Deacon Chair, currently Debbie Miller, to prepare communion on the Sundays we serve it, possibly help with bread baking (along with other volunteers) or assist when special set up is needed for an ordinance such as baptism.

We welcome feedback on these ways our deacons offer a network of support, both spiritual and physical, to our congregation. Contact the church office to get your feedback to our deacons. Call (703) 524-4100 or email acob[@]arlingtoncob[dot]org.