300 North Montague Street, Arlington, Virginia 22203 Sunday Worship at 11 am; Classes Resume 9/8 at 9:45 am

Exploring the Impossible

What is your experience in getting what you expect? Can something be both possible and impossible?  Nothing is impossible with God.


Let’s return to the promises made when we joined the community of faith. Our promise to pray, be present and serve are are fulfilled through our expectation and passion by the Holy Spirit’s work within and among us.










Order of service:

  • Welcome, 12s
  • Let Us Worship, 26s
  • Opening Prayer, http://bit.ly/Psalm19_1to4, 58s
  • Children’s Church, 1m48s
  • 1 Kings 17:8-16, http://bit.ly/1Kings17_8to16, 4m18s
  • Message: “Exploring the Impossible,” 6m29s
  • “God is Love,” Violin, 22m2s
  • Social Media Links, 22m17s



Thanks to James for serving as our worship leader to Eleanor for sharing her amazing gift on the violin.










The song is “Come Let Us All Unite to Sing” popular by the title, “God is Love,” words by Howard Kingsbury, music by Edmund S. Lorenz, and copyright in the public domain. The message contains references to Steed Davidson and National Geographic News.



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