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Pastoral Search Committee in Progress

Done: The church board has called a search committee. The search committee has met with Gene Hagenberger, District Executive.



Ongoing: Gathering Info from the Congregation.









Currently: Circulating ACOB’s profile.










Up next: Search committee meets with candidates.














Up next: Trial Worship.  Then, ACOB members vote to call new pastor.



ACOB’s Search Committee¬†is at work… Input, prayers + questions welcome!
The search committee to find our permanent pastor has been called from the congregation. Participants have committed to take on this task for us and have already started their work. The committee includes Amy, Debbie who is chairing, Everett, James, Karolina, Lisa, and Nancy W. Contact any of them with questions about the process, their progress or your hopes for our next pastor.

Call, email or text the office to be connected: acob[at]arlingtoncob[dot]org + 571-243-5344