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Sep 3, 2017 Rage! And Response?   What do we do when the news causes us to rage regularly? What does it look like to live ‘another way of living’ in light of the maddening events of the day? Paul’s letter to the Romans has some Listen Download
Aug 13, 2017 Eyes Stayed on Jesus This week’s sermon is from Rev. Dr. Alexander Duncan Jr., pastor of our community partner, Arlington Forest UMC. Focused on Isaiah 6:1-8 and Matthew 14:22-33, the sermon is part of our Community Worship series, “God Makes a Way out of Listen Download
Aug 6, 2017 Hungry for Alternatives Jesus withdraws to a deserted place after learning about John’s murder. The disciples, overwhelmed with so many hungry people, seek out Jesus who, in spite of or perhaps because of his pain, reacts with compassion. The miracle of the “Feeding Listen Download
Jul 30, 2017 All Things and Nothing This week’s New Testament Scripture reassures us that there’s no right way to pray and that God loves us. None of the miseries of this life can separate us from this most central element, that God loves us. Even in Listen Download
Jul 23, 2017 Getting to Know God As God’s witnesses, it matters how we imagine God. Sunday’s scripture gives a glimpse at God’s identity. Christians also think of the trinity, but there are many more images and metaphors for God.  God is often described in personal imagery Listen Download
Jul 20, 2017 Light of My Life Click on listen to stream audio of this sermon or click on download to then transfer and play it on an iPod or other portable mp3. Subscribe in iTunes to listen every week: http://bit.ly/ACoB_iTunes     Listen Download
Jul 9, 2017 Part of the Whole Paul tells the church that love is the only thing that could possibly overcome all the trials and roadblocks we encounter as a body. We must trust God while we bring our unique, but equally valuable gifts to the table. Listen Download
Jun 25, 2017 Spectators or Participants? We continue the story of a people so dependent on the promise of God, that they will sacrifice themselves and risk major loss, all to maintain their part in the promise. What sacrifices are we willing to make? God chooses Listen Download
Jun 18, 2017 Alt-Nation? The Chosen One?   God is intimately involved with human life, cares for us and has a vision far longer than our own. In Scripture (Genesis 16 and 21) which is known for its focus on the “chosen people,” we have a very Listen Download
Jun 11, 2017 Jesus’ Bible When Jesus gives “final instructions” to the disciples he is also instructing us, including giving us the promise of the same empowering fellowship with God that he has. Humans were made for community, maybe that’s why the disciples were first Listen Download
Jun 4, 2017 Love Never Ends The scripture reading and message are from our annual unity service where we worship with the two other congregations that share our building. We each speak in different languages, but come together in love and let God’s Spirit do the Listen Download
May 21, 2017 Can We All Be One? At the end of the last super Jesus says a prayer on our behalf, those of us who believe through the disciple’s words. Jesus prays that we may be one. Let us take heart 2,000 years later that Jesus’ prayer Listen Download
May 14, 2017 You Are the Body of Christ Wrapping up a three-part sermon series on Healing the Divide: Reclaiming Hope, we have learned that as we see through the cross, we make decisions based on a different set of priorities. And when we reach across what divides us, we only have Listen Download
May 7, 2017 Am I Not Free? Last week, we re-learned along with the Corinthians that we are not to live by the same standards as the rest of the world but by the rules of the new kindgom inaugurated by Christ. In some ways it feels Listen Download
Apr 30, 2017 Is Christ Divided? Imagine looking through a cross-shaped window everyday as a reminder that we now have the opportunity to live a different way, seeing beyond culture’s divisions and values. Paul says, I planted, other apostles watered and God gives growth. Our faith Listen Download
Apr 2, 2017 Wanted: Dead or Alive Jesus raising Lazarus in John 11 is a story that shows a very human Jesus, even as he performs a very divine miracle. Recognizing the power of God seen in Jesus, we want it in our own human lives. We Listen Download
Mar 26, 2017 Isn’t It Ironic? In John 9, Jesus heals a blind man on the Sabbath and the Pharisees don’t see the prophecies being fulfilled before their eyes. What do we see? The song is “Open My Eyes, that I May See.” The sermon, service Listen Download
Mar 19, 2017 Living Water In John 4, Jesus and a woman from another culture find relationship at a well. Then that woman spreads the word. Where might our vulnerability, expressed to someone who doesn’t expect to hear from us, lead to conversation and relationship, Listen Download
Feb 26, 2017 Just Love Jesus invites us to imagine and devise extra measures of neighbor love that include our enemies. Turning to the expected and rational reactions of self-protection, the invitation is foolishness and appears to be collaboration with evil. Jesus’ instructions are actually Listen Download
Feb 19, 2017 Eyes Have Not Seen As it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the human heart conceived,what God has prepared for those who love him.” I Corinthians 2:9 Click on listen to stream audio of this sermon or click on Listen Download
Feb 12, 2017 How Do We Chose? In this week’s scripture, Moses gives his final pep talk, that we already have the tools we need to succeed. He repeats the word “today,” urging us to make the choice now to act in faithful obedience. We won’t be Listen Download
Feb 5, 2017 The Littlest The heart of the Sermon on the Mount teaches us to bring the law alive in our community. Sometimes it seems easier to follow the letter of the law instead of the intent of the law, but keeping every bit of Listen Download
Jan 29, 2017 Alternative Facts or Alternative Blessings Paul told the Corinthians, “God has made foolish the wisdom of the world.” In the Beatitudes we begin to see an alternative world-view form, not in asking us to take on the various states, but in offering consolation to those Listen Download
Jan 22, 2017 The New Normal Don’t worry if the same person baptized you and your neighbor, “Be united.” Says Paul, using the root word for mending nets. Unity is not uniformity, but a coming together that transcends the diversity of differing gifts in the one Listen Download
Jan 15, 2017 The Name Game New names indicate new realities. Throughout the Bible, God enters a life and changes it forever, many times signified by a new name. In baptism, we too are named. It can be daunting to realize we have a new reality Listen Download
Jan 8, 2017 All I Have to Do Is Dream Today’s part of Isaiah is written to a very dispirited people. These words from scripture speak of light in thick darkness where the Lord’s glory arises and spreads. In our own time of empire, we must reorient and prepare for Listen Download
Jan 1, 2017 Feats Don’t Fail Me Now When Mary and Joseph end up in Egypt, the wonder of a miraculous birth gives way to the brutal realities into which their baby is born. If we don’t talk about tragedy and loss at church, we cheat ourselves of Listen Download
Dec 18, 2016 Holiday Angles in the sky are a key part of the Christmas story. In one of this week’s scriptures, an angel speaks to Joseph in a dream. Following Jesus takes us to some mysterious and unlikely places where God’s realm is becoming Listen Download
Dec 11, 2016 Welcome to Paradise When the way seems barren, remember that God excels at making a way out of no way. Farmers have long known our life and destiny are tied to the health of the soil, but much of that wisdom has been Listen Download
Dec 4, 2016 Long December John the Baptist reminds us that we have both a responsibility and role to play. We must not seek only the peaceful calm, but also the peace that comes with justice. Seeking justice is noisy and dangerous and the water Listen Download