300 North Montague Street, Arlington, Virginia 22203 Sunday Worship at 11 am; Sunday Classes 9:45 am for all ages.

Small Groups

Small groups meet periodically throughout the year for Bible study or fellowship. Our small groups are responsive to our diverse congregation’s unique spiritual and social needs, so meeting times and themes vary. The opportunity to form new groups is always open. Contact the church office to get information on making connections.

















  • Our Young Adults meet twice monthly on the fourth non-holiday Thursday in DC and the second Friday at ACoB.
  • Informal Lunch Bunches gather after church to welcome people and decide on a venue. Visitors are invited to join in and get to know people in this informal setting.
  • A Breakfast Bunch meets monthly on the third Thursday at a local restaurant.
  • A Friday Playgroup meets every week from 10:30 to 11:30 am in the nursery. This is an informal gathering of children aged 5 and under and their caregivers. No need to RSVP or come every week. Feel free to drop in any Friday!
  • A pick-up Book Club meets as folks are interested and available.

Upcoming small group activities are posted on both our event page and Google calendar. Call (571) 243-5344 or email acob[@]arlingtoncob[dot]org to join any of these groups or for guidance on how to plug-in to start a new group.

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