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Dunker Punks Podcast

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The Dunker Punks Podcast (DPP) uses new technology in the old fashion way of coming together to broadcast the unique perspective of young people raised on following Jesus.

DPP is created by a team from across the country who speak up and record witness of Dunker Punks growing Heaven on Earth. Dunker refers to the Brethren Christian tradition that, among other characteristics, practices adult baptism. The punk is another part of the tradition that refers to radical devotion, in our case, for following the way Jesus lived. DPP sees headphone and USB cords stretching like the mustard seed weed in Jesus’ parable, connecting a ground-up revolution of people sharing God’s love.

DPP amplifies young prophetic voices to reach across and beyond traditional church, because everyone deserves community in Christ. Through the podcast and on social media, we come together to come up with ways to encourage each other and live into love as Jesus did through everyday acts of service, advocacy and grace.


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Project Team

  • Tori Batemen, Audio Content Contributor
  • Ben Bear, Audio Content Contributor
  • Joshua Brockway, Audio Content Contributor
  • Dana Cassell, Audio Content Contributor + Host
  • Christa Craighead, Audio Content Contributor
  • Jacob Crouse, Music, Host + Editor
  • Dylan Dell-Haro, Audio Content Contributor, Curriculum Writer + Host
  • Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred, Host + Audio Content Contributor 
  • Dean Feasenhiser, Transcriptions
  • Melody Fitzgerald, Fundraising + Curriculum Editor
  • Nancy Fitzgerald, Host
  • Nohemi Flores, Audio Content Contributor
  • James Foster, Fundraising + Tech
  • Emmy Goering, Audio Content Contributor + Producer
  • Ashley Haldeman, Audio Content Contributor
  • Nate Hosler + Susuyu Lassa, Office of Public Witness, Audio Content Contributors
  • Suzanne Lay, Producer + Fundraising
  • Nolan McBride, Audio Content Contributor
  • Marie Benner-Rhoades + Zech Houser, On Earth Peace, Audio Content Contributors
  • Matt Rittle, Audio Content Contributor
  • Kevin Schatz, Audio Content Contributor + Editor
  • Kiana Simonson, Audio Content Contributor + Host
  • Jonathan Stauffer, Audio Content Contributor
  • Elizabeth Ullery Swenson, Audio Content Contributor 
  • Sarah Ullom-Minnich, Audio Content Contributor
  • Kerrick van Asselt, Graphic Design
  • Jenna Walmer, Audio Content Contributor
  • Warrensburg COB, Audio Content Contributors
  • Laura Weimer, Audio Content Contributor

Meet Our Partners

Arlington Church of the Brethren | ArlingtonCoB.org
Dunker Punks | DunkerPunks.com
Office of Peacebuilding + Policy | Brethren.org/peace/
On Earth Peace | OnEarthPeace.org/